Fisheries Department, Purulia




01. Resource Utilization


Following steps have been taken for optimum utilization of resources available:


i) Sustained efforts are put forward to bring more and more water areas under FFDA programme for enhancement of productivity.

ii) Arranging short-term credits to the fish farmers under FFDA programme.

iii) Organizing training programme on a regular basis to make the farmers aware of different culture methods for breeding and rearing fish of various species, adopt a particular method of culture aimed at increased production without sacrificing quality and hygienic standard under the direct supervision of the trained personnel in the Department.


02. Enhancement of Productivity :


i) Laying more emphasis on fresh water aquaculture in the inland fisheries sector by exploiting all possible resources to bring all the impounded water resources under pisciculture. Introduction of short-term credit plan to the fish farmers gave a boost to the fisheries sector increasing thereby not only production but also generating employment in rural areas.

ii) On account of indiscriminate fishing and other man-made hazards, fish and fish seed production in the natural resources have alarmingly been declined. In order to combat with the situation the district has taken up Reservoir Ranching Programme under National Fisheries Development Board by liberating fingerlings in the small reservoirs with an end to auto-replenish the stock.


03. Enforcement of Fisheries Act And Rules :


With the primary object of protecting water bodies the West Bengal Inland Fisheries Act was framed in the year 1984. In the year 1993 major amendments in the Act were brought in under which filling up of any water body for an area exceeding 05 catha has been made a cognizable offence. It has also been provided therein that in case it is found that when any water body is filled up by its owner, he should be asked to restore the water body to its original condition within a specific period failing which this Department shall take necessary measures for doing the same and the owner has been made liable to pay the cost. Provision has also been made for taking over management of any private water body by the Govt. if it is found that the same is not being utilized for pisciculture.


04. Women Welfare Programme:


For socio-economic upliftment of the por fisher-families with special attention to the needy fisher-women for their self-sufficiency, different programme viz. ornamental fish farming, value added products etc have been taken up by forming women co-operative societies.


05. Employment Generation, Proverty Allevation And Upliftment of Rural Economy:


Fisheries represent a vital sector in the Thrust Programme of West Bengal Government for rural development through production of fish and other ancillary activities thereby generating rural employment and improvement of socio-economic status of the fishers who are the prime contributors of fisheries production.



Fisheries sector embraces a large population of scheduled castes and scheduled tribes. Rehabilitation of scheduled castes and scheduled tribes families through fishery activities has become a major boon for upliftment of their economic status above poverty line. Keeping this in view, Fishery co-operative societies, Fish Production Groups were revamped. Welfare activities for this downtrodden fisher folk have been taken up to improve the socio-economic status by constructing community halls, dwelling houses, model fishers’ villages, approach roads and various programmes on training of fishermen and fisherwomen, introduction of schemes like old age pension are running.


(Source: Assistant Director of Fisheries, Purulia)