Fisheries Department, Purulia


Formation Of Fishermen’s Co-Operative Society


A Primary Fishermen’s Co-operative Society may be formed observing the following criteria:-

In the case of an Inland FCS:
i) All the members must have to reside within the same village or area.
ii) All members must be fisherman by profession.
iii) There shall be at least 10 (ten) acres of water body or assurance for the same if it is Government water body, of which 1 bigha of water body must have to be under disposal of each member if the FCS is formed with 10 members.
iv) At least 10 (ten) fisherman of different families are required to form a fishermen’s co-operative society.
v) Initial share capital of Rs.1,000/- shall be collected from the members & deposited into the local ban.


In the case of ornamental Fish culture:

i) At least 10 Fisher women of different families are required to form such society.

ii) The fisherwomen must reside within the same area.

iii) The fisherwomen must have experience or sufficient training in the profession.

iv) No water body is required.


Registration procedure of FCS :


The proposal for registration of a Primary Fishermen’s Co-operative Society, the following papers and documents are to be submitted through the Fishery Extension Officer of the Block and Assistant Director of Fisheries of the District with specific recommendation to register the Co-op Society from him.


a) 3 copies of bye laws duly filled in and signed by all of the promoter members which should be attested by the organizer/ Chief promoter whose signature should be attested by the Fishery Extension Officer of the Block.


b) 2 copies of application forms duly filled in and signed by all of the promoter members which should be attested by the organizer / Chief promoter whose signature should be attested by the Fishery Extension Officer of the Block. Signatures in Bye-laws and application form should be identical serial.


c) Copy of the proceedings of the promoters meetings which should contain the following points resolved and adopted.


i) Name of the Co-operative Society.

ii) Address of the Co-operative Society.

iii) Area of membership.

iv) Share capital and structure thereof.

v) Constitution of Board of directors minimum 6 and maximum 12 of which Chairman and Vice-Chairman should be made.

vi) Name and address of a person with whom correspondence should be made before registration.

vii) 3 persons should be authorized by the promoters to sign the papers before registration.


d) Copy of the resolution of the sthayee samity of concerned Panchayat Samity approving formation of the Co-operative society.


e) Aviable scheme vetted by appropriate authority.


f) Certificate for availability of required water bodies from appropriate authority.


g) Following certificates should be submitted along with the proposal : -


As to fisherman by profession in respect of each member (ornamental fisherwomen in case of ornamental FCS)
As to resident of the area of membership in respect of members.
As to non linkage with same trade/profession in respect of each members.
As to non-existence of similar type of co-operative society in the area of membership.
No dues certificate from local SKUS/Bank in respect of each member.
No objection certificate from financing bank to finance the society.


h) Copy of the pay-in slip for depositing share and admission fee.


i) Cash account showing receipt and expenditure if all collection are not deposited in to bank.


All the copies stated above and sub items must be attested by the departmental officer.

Management of FCS:


1. The final authority of a co-operative society shall vest in the general body of its members in general meeting.


2.Every co-operative society shall hold at least once in every co-operative year a general meeting to be called the Annual General Meeting for


i) Election, if any, in the prescribed manner, of the Directors of the Board.

ii) Consideration and record of the proceedings of the last Annual General Meeting.

iii) Approval of the budget, the consideration of the annual report and the programme of activities of co-operative society for the following co-operative year prepared by the board.

iv) Consideration of matters relating to loans and advances made to the Directors of the Board and their relatives and action to be taken for recovery thereof.

v) Distribution of net profit if any.

vi) Consideration of Audit Report.


(Source: Assistant Director of Fisheries, Purulia)