Bureau of Applied Economics & Statistics, Purulia



1. To collect, collect and disseminate credible and timely statistics on different fields covering all sectors of the State economics for planning, decision making and debate within and outside the Government.


2. To maintain close liaison with different departments, organizations and bodies of the Central and State Governments in disseminating statistical information on various fields through a number of regular publications.


3. To carry out Statistical Surveys on multifarious topics covering social-economics aspects including those taken time to time. The entire work right from the planning of the survey to report generation (data collection, compilation, processing, analyzing and preparation of reports) is taken up by Bureau.


4. To publish Statistical reports based on secondary data collected from different departments, organizations, and bodies of the Central and State Governments for meeting the growing demand of data at district as well as block level for preparation of decentralized planning.


A. Index of Industrial Production (IIP): Monthly Index of Industrial Production (at 2-digit NIC level) are compiled with the base year 1993. The base year is going to be shifted to 1999-00.

B. State & District Domestic Product: In conformity with the revision of base year for estimation of GDP at national level, the base year of SDP has been shifted from 1993-94 to 1999-2000. The estimates of SDP by industry of origin are prepared at both current and constant 1999-2000 prices on a regular annual basis. Also the estimates of District Domestic Product by industry of origin are complied annually at both current and constant 1999-2000 prices. Recently collection of data from rural local bodies will be.


C. Analysis of State Government Budget: Economics-cum- Purpose Classification of State Budget are made on a regular annual basis.


D. Gross Fixed Capital Formation (GFCF): The estimates of Gross Fixed Capital Formation (GFCF) in respect of the Primary sections viz. Agriculture, Livestock, Forestry, Fishery and Mining at current and constant (1993-94) prices have been prepared for the years from 1990-91 to 2004-05 and Report on GFCF for primary sector at sector at state level has been completed and will be published soon.


E. Training & Documentation Unit: This unit has been created for the purpose of imparting training to the staff of different Departments of the State Government and of the Bureau for improvement of their statistical knowledge and skill.



i) Publication of Economics Review of West Bengal including Statistical Appendix and write-up: English and Bengali versions;


ii) Publication of State Statistical Handbook of West Bengal, an annual publication.


iii) Publication of Statistical Abstract of West Bengal (by and large at an interval of 2 years).


iv) Compile Monthly Wholesale Price Index of Kolkata for Agriculture Commodities (Base; 1980-81 = 100) and Monthly Wholesale Price Index foe all commodities in respect of Kolkata Centre with Base: 1952-52 =100.


v) Prepare Index Number of Agriculture Area, Production, Productivity, Cropping pattern etc. with base year triennium ending 1981-82 =100 for the state as a whole and for all districts of each crop year.


vi) The data on income and expenditure collected from State Government Undertakings and for all the municipalities of the state are compiled by this unit.


vii) Conduct meetings of the Standing technical Committee for Improvement of Crop Statistics in West Bengal, which are held on a regular basis.


viii) Maintain coordination with Central and State Government offices in connection with different meetings, workshops, etc.


(Source: Assistant Director, Bureau of Applied Economics & Statistics, Purulia)