District Social Welfare Officer related matter


  1. Protection of rights of Children
  2. Combating child Marriage 
  3. Adoption
  4. Cottage Scheme
  5. Child Welfare Committee (CWC)U/s 19 of J.J Act’2000
  6. Juvenile Justice Board
  7. Child-line (under process)
  8. National Creche Fund
  9. Non Institutional care
  10. State Social Welfare Board supported programme
  11. Scholarship for physically challenged student


DSWO also looks after the following:

  1. Home under J.J Act
  2. Combating dowry menace 
  1. Swadhar (under process)
  2. Short stay home of Girls (under Process)
  3. Swabalamban (NORAD)
  4. Swamsidhdha
  5. Awareness Generation Programme
  6. Family Counselling Center
  7. Widow Pension
  8. Implementation of West Bengal Commission for Women Act’1992
  9. Services for elderly persons
  10. Integrated Programme for Older persons: Old age Home
  11. Old age Pension
  12. Rajya Sainik Board
  13. Person with Disabilities( Equal opportunities, Protection of Rights and full participation) Act’1995” and “National Trust for Welfare of persons with Autism, Cerebral palsy, Metal Retardation and Multiple disabilities Act, 1999”
  14. Prevention and Detection of Early disabilities
  15. Issuance of Identity cards by the S.W. Dept. and Medical certificates by the Dept. of Health.
  16. Special School (Deen Dayal Rehabilitation Programme).
  17. Scholarship for PWD students
  18. Registration under PWD Act.
  19. AID for Person with Disability and impairment
  20. Disability Pension
  21. National Trust Act’1999


(Sources: District Social Welfare Officer, Purulia)